Episode 5

No Sudden Move (2021)

What are we to do with Steven Soderbergh? His prolific cinematic output is matched only by his recalcitrant refusal to stay in a single lane, style, or medium. Maybe we should rethink the term auteur as Soderbergh defines and transcends the term at the same time. His work has no signature other than you feel his presence in every shot and cut. With No Sudden Move, Soderbergh dives back into the heist genre, but this time leaning into the hard-boiled noir vibe of the 1950s and excising any sense of playfulness and joy. The irony is gone here, and this will make you love or hate the film depending on your predilections. A wonderful cast and production design are filtered through vintage lenses and a script by the guy behind Men in Black and the Bill and Ted series. It's pretty odd, but ultimately the film feels at home in the Soderverse.

Join us as we trace the life of No Sudden Move from conception (A Don Cheadle vehicle) to production (strict covid precautions) to release (straight to SVOD) to reception (film nerds yes, everyone else snoozes)