Episode 4

50/50 (2011)

I'm with Cancer. That was the original name of this cancer comedy that somehow got produced in the early 2010s. Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Seth Rogen pilot this wobbly feature towards a miraculous smooth landing. It is a genre paella where you can pick out the best bits and scrape off the rest: still funny boorish chauvinist improv humor from Rogen, Levitt staring into the middle distance, Bryce Dallas Howard trying to outact her shrew character, a hilarious support group of character actors with cancer, Anjelica Huston outshining the entire cast with a single glance. Ultimately, this black comedy is a tight rope walk that actually makes it from end to end without doubling over into the narrative abyss. That feat alone is worth the watch.

Special Guest: Blaine Andrews from the very cool Critically Aroused podcast, where they watch movies cold to avoid getting skewed by the critics. Really fun listen! 

Join us as we trace the life of 50/50 from conception (nothing sells like a cancer memoir) to production (rehearsed improv) to release (break-even at worst) to reception (a low key highly adored film)