Episode 4

The Weather Man (2005)

A lost film from the dynamic duo of crazy man Nic Cage and blockbuster director Gore Verbinski. A rich man's failed attempt at remaking Sideways. In place of a wine metaphor for aging gracefully, we have Cage getting faced by a Big Gulp as a "life crisis." It's literally in your face.

We trace the life of this bizarre mid-Aughts artifact from conception (a 6 digit bidding war for the script) to production (Cage job shadowing a Chicago weatherman) to release (shuffled for a delusional Oscar campaign) to reception (a D+ CinemaScore).

In our journey, we uncover the difference between an authentic indie pinot noir versus a studio system brown-bag merlot.

Listen to found out as we film trace The Weather Man (now showing on Hulu)