Episode 3

The Little Things (2021)

Take a walk on the trite side with this 1990s LA Boir period-piece new to HBO Max, The Little Things. This bromidic concoction comes from the Hollywood journeyman John Lee Hancock who is responsible for The Blind Side and more recently the Netflix AARP hit The Highwaymen. Denzel Washington plays the haunted lead detective opposite Rami Maleck and walking freakshow Jared Leto plays the heavy in this inconspicuous crime thriller. How did a script written in 1993 with Steven Spielberg attached end up getting dumped to a streaming service in 2021? Listen and find out!

Join us as we trace the life of The Little Things from conception (script hot potato) to production (Denzel has nothing better to do) to release (hanging up on Warner Bros) and reception (no one loves it but most people watch it).