Episode 4

Body Heat (1981)

Put on your finest linen sports coat and/or effortless flowy sundress. Pack a handkerchief as well. This week we tackle the moistest noir seared onto film, 1981's Body Heat. We take exotic thrillers for granted now, but before Fatal Attraction and Basic Instinct, we had Body Heat, a steamy take on the classic noir Double Indemnity. Palm Beach Florida and its fictionalized incessant humidity take center stage alongside William Hurt and Kathleen Turner in a voyeuristic exploration of how our sex and death drives often intermingle. Sparks fly between Hurt and Turner while a motley crew of supporting players, a tap-dancing Ted Danson and frenzied Mickey Rourke, shuffle around a paint-by-numbers plot that nonetheless simmers until finally reaching a boil in the finale.  

Joining us this week is erotic thriller expert and great friend of the show, Molly.