Episode 1

Army of the Dead (2021)

Welcome back Snyder? The last five years have been a rollercoaster for Zach Snyder. Batman vs Superman imploded within days of opening in 2016. The next year Snyder left Justice League due to a family tragedy, and the Frankenstein'd cut of that film almost killed the DCEU when it was released in 2017. Then Snyder went dark. In the meantime, the Snyder fan army rose up to defend his DC abominations and Warner Bros needed to prop up HBO Max. Enter the infamous Snyder cut of Justice League, which seemed to reverse Snyder's fall. But hold on, here we have a two and half hour sophomoric heist romp through a zombie-infested Las Vegas.  Does Snyder still make the cut?

Join us as we trace the life of Army of the Dead from conception (failed Dawn of Dead followup) to production (ebay vintage broken lenses) to release (Netflix shiny object) to reception (widely watched, narrowly loved)